You Are Precious and Priceless to ME

You are precious and priceless to Me, says the LORD. Don’t think of yourself as a second-class citizen when I told you that you are highly valuable to ME! I have no favorites, and I have made you unique and special. I do all things well, and you are created by Me to have a meaningful life. I did not just create you and abandon you, but I have invested in you constantly. I am not finished with you, yet. I will continue to shape you, instruct you, download new things into you, and will perfect everything that concerns you, says the LORD.

I will beautify you with My glory, and pour out My grace upon you, says the LORD. Do not believe the lies of the enemy that feed negative thoughts into your mind. He never tells the truth and has nothing good to say about you. His work is to steal, kill and destroy, and he enjoys making you miserable, and a hater of yourself. He tells you that you have no purpose, are not important, and reminds you of every fault and failure. Ignore those condemning, belittling voices and listen to MINE. I have given you purpose, planted you into My kingdom as a tree of righteousness, and have assigned work for you to do that is beneficial and productive. You are an essential part of My kingdom, of My family, and your trust in Me as your Savior and Lord is pleasing to Me. You are My child, and greatly beloved of Me, says the LORD.

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