You Will Wear the Victor’s Crown

Don’t be intimidated by the evil one, says the LORD. His weapons are inept, when you compare them to what I have empowered and equipped you with. You are not the loser. He is. You are the winner as you resist the temptation to let him scare you. As you come against him, he will run in terror. You are the one to be feared, as I have armed you and have made you dangerous to the enemy, says the Lord.

Rejoice before you even engage in the fray, says the LORD. For nothing can defeat you. Nothing can destroy you. Nothing means NOTHING! I Am with you, always, and NO POWER can conquer Me, and none can overwhelm you, as you stand firm in Me. I will hold you up. I will fight for you. I will defend you. I will help you to defeat the diabolical works of the enemy, and push him back. You will NOT be a pushover or trampled under his feet, but you will do the pushing, shoving, trampling and wear the victor’s crown, as you use the powerful weapons I have given you and KNOW they cannot be outpowered, ever, says the LORD.

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