Your Just as I take pleasure in all the work of My hands, I want you to be pleased with the work that I have given you to do as well, says the LORD. Rather than finding flaws and fault, can’t you look at your accomplishments and see that they are good? Others may find fault as they have tried to accuse Me and find fault in Me, too. I did not agree with those attacks and lies and blasphemy, as they dishonored Me and accused Me of having a devil, and I do not agree with those who accuse you and dishonor the good work that you do for My kingdom and glory, says the Lord.

You may have even been called a devil and may have been accused of being possessed by them, but just laugh at such nonsense and do not let it even trouble you, says the LORD. I possess you and empower you, and recognize you as you sacrifice yourself and substance onto Me for the work of My kingdom. For when they do this to you, it is the same as blasphemy, for MY SPIRIT IS IN YOU, and you are baptized into MY BODY! They have done this against Me and My great Name that is linked to yours. Don’t even entertain the thoughts that they think, the words that they say and the things that they do against you, for didn’t I say that others would see your good works and glorify Me, as your light shines in the dark world about you? Since your good works glorify ME and MY NAME and are invested into My kingdom, see and say they are good! My Spirit in you can only do things that are good, so let your own mouth be filled with thanksgiving and praise unto Me for the good works that you were able to accomplish because I Am with you and in you to do all things well, says the LORD.

I Am the one who has anointed you, appointed you, equip you and empower you, says the LORD.

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