Cast every one of your concerns and cares upon Me, says the LORD. You do not need to bear them or carry them. I never meant for you to be loaded down with the cares of this life, but will give you a light load as you link with Me. I will load with daily benefits that will enhance you, strengthen you, fortify you, empower you and complete you. I will equip you for success that comes from Me, and it will be good. You will be enriched, not impoverished, and you will not be bound, but free, says the LORD.

My journey with you will be pleasant and joyful, says the LORD. Your pain will be exchanged for pleasure, and I will make the way clear for you as you walk with Me in fellowship. You will be light- hearted and carefree as you forfeit all your cares onto Me. I will give you everything that you need as you make Me your trust, and I will give you a satisfying, productive life as you rely upon Me to lead, guide, equip and empower you for every purpose that I have ordained for you to fulfill under the sun, says the LORD.

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