Daily Benefits

I have fully loaded you with daily benefits, says the LORD.  You come behind in no spiritual gifts. Do not seek for the things of the flesh but seek for Me and My Kingdom, and what you do not seek for will be added to you.  It is about the higher things, the supernatural things of My kingdom that I want you to pursue.  The lesser are the natural.  I created everything that exists by My supernatural power and everything that you see and know about in the natural are subject to Me and MY higher power.  As you seek Me, the creator of life, the creator of you, the creator of all things, you will find Me to be the Almighty God in the midst of you.  I will supply all your need. It is in MY presence and not far from you. It is attainable and belongs to you. It is in My presence that you will discover My glory and every other need will be granted by My power, says the LORD.

Do you not trust that I Am your source at all times?  Will you not believe My WORD?  For My will and My Word and My WORK are infallible and the same, says the LORD. I will do what I said I would do.  You are to seek ME.  Know that I Am with you. Know Me as your Great Shepherd, and when I said you are the sheep of my pasture and you shall not want, will you trust in My constant provision and care?  Just focus your attention on Me and pursue Me and every other thing that you need in the natural will be provided. I desire for you to come up higher.  Come and sit in heavenly places with Me, for it is not the things that are below that will satisfy your longing, but the inexhaustible and undefeatable and unending power of My presence in the realm of My kingdom.  You will never lack any good thing as you seek Me and My kingdom and make Me your priority and pursuit.  I will empower you and that which you receive of Me will never be extracted from you and the natural things that you need will be supplied as you fully seek Me and pursue My kingdom and My righteousness, says the LORD.

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