Do Not Fret

Do Not Fret your circumstances, but trust Me with all of your care, says the Lord.  As you place your entire life into My hands, you will be at peace. It is only when you try to reason everything that you come into unrest.  Resist the temptation to understand everything and allow Me to work out the details of your life.  Trust in Me at all times, not just when things get out of hand for you.  Start trusting Me with the small things. Nothing is too small for Me.  Learn that I Am a God of detail.  Look at the precision in all things that I have created.  Examine how detailed all things are that I have made.  Then you will begin to comprehend that there will be no missing elements in your life as you relinquish the complete control over to Me.  I will not overlook anything, as I even work on the unseen and unknown things of your life to bring about the results that will be beneficial to you, says the Lord.

Examine your life, says the Lord.  What can you do and what can you change in comparison to My ability?  It is time to trust in My power and presence and perfect will for your life, for as you do, things will change for the better.  Wait on Me.  I will not withhold anything good from you, and I will be the cause.  There is nothing that I will not give to you as you believe in Me.  My will for you is always beneficial and fulfilling for you and My highest desires for you are greater than your own. Entrust Me not only with your care, but with your destiny, for nothing that I do will be lacking, and nothing unproductive.  I Am the God of increase and acceleration in your life to bring you to your desired end.  As you increase your faith and trust in me, and rush into My presence and allow Me to work on your behalf, then you will experience the fullness of My unreserved power to fulfill every good purpose and plan for not only you but those you love, says the Lord.

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