Don’t Let Your Emotions Dictate

Take control of your emotions and do not let them dictate to you, says the LORD. Your feelings will betray you if you follow them. Follow what I have said and do not let the things that you see and feel and hear become your erroneous faith. Press beyond the things that are pushing you, shoving you, irritating you, distracting you and endeavoring to displace you from the solidity of My Word and powerful work in your life, says the LORD.

Follow the dictates of your heart that will never steer you wrong rather than emotional events that will test your trust in Me, says the LORD. You can overcome every situation by leaning upon me, rather than what your natural environs are screaming. I Am not defined or limited by the natural, and you do not have to be either. My presence in your life is powerful, supernatural, above and beyond limitations. TRUST. Hold on tightly to My hand, and contend for the faith. I will fortify you as you determine not to be manipulated by the forces of darkness and will not entertain depressive thoughts. YOU WILL not be defeated as you resist the dark one, and walk in the light of My glory that will bring you into your personal promised land of blessing, says the LORD.

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