Look Forward

Don’t Wallow in Remorse Over Your Past

Don’t wallow in remorse over your past, says the LORD. I have forgiven and forgotten everything you asked Me to, and there remains no record of anything that I have blotted out. Don’t live in self condemnation or accept the judgmental attitudes and behaviors of others. You must close the door on the past and proceed forward, says the LORD.

Then enemy wants to paralyze you by your past memories and regrets, when I want to empower you to look forward to a bright future. What I have for you is not a redo of the past, but a vision for the future that is productive and powerful for My kingdom. You will have new assignments and new alignments so they will be fulfilled. Just press forward, and let the past go. You will be glad that you did, for peace will flood your soul as you embrace the new, and advance forward in your kingdom purpose, says the LORD.

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