Hedge of Protection

I have placed a hedge of protection around you, says the Lord.  You do not have to fear that the enemy army will encroach your space.  There is no access and the dark one is on the outside wishing entrance. Though he is raging and threatening, do not even answer. He is not your authority. I Am.  I Am the one protecting and shielding you with My own self. I Am the one who is blessing you daily.  I Am your benefactor and the gifts that I give to you belong to you forever. I will not extract them and the enemy cannot steal them from you.  Do not cower in fear of failure as the lying dark one tries to malign you.  He may roar at you, but I stand with you to insure that you are undefeatable.  Look away from the evil that is without and enjoy My protective care.  The enemy cannot defeat Me, so you will not be defeated.  I will keep you on all sides so there is no surprise attacks that will succeed against you, says the LORD.

Trust that I Am your constant shelter and will always provide for you and take care of you, says the LORD.  Do not listen to the assaults of the enemy, for his weapons are not able to work against you.  I always stand alongside to Help, and your assurance is in My faithfulness. I have been faithful in the past, I am faithful now, and will be faithful forevermore.  You are always safe and secure in Me, and need not worry about today or the future. All of your days are in My hands and I will also hold you up and keep you from falling.  The enemy is defeated, you are undefeated, and I will always cause you to be victorious in Me as you entrust your life and the lives of those you love to Me, says the LORD.

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