Hotly Pursue Me, My Kingdom, Righteousness, Glory

First things first, says the LORD. Put Me first! Make Me your first pursuit! Make Me your highest heart’s desire. Hotly pursue Me, My kingdom, My righteousness, My glory. You will never have ONE thing that you desire that I will not grant, as you seek ME and make me your priority, not just in word, but deed. For why should you waste your time and energy and substance on things that do not benefit you? Why run after solutions of others when I AM your answer? Why look to any other to do what only I can do? Just run hard after ME, run to Me, and expect that you will receive all that I have reserved for you, as an endless resource, an endless power, an endless provision, an endless help, and you will not be disappointed, says the LORD.

As you pursue Me, you are pursuing your destiny, says the LORD. Your destiny is GOOD, and GOOD is MY WORD. GOOD is MY WORK. I only have GOOD THINGS in store for you. JUST COME and receive continually, perpetually, and you will NEVER lack any good thing. I will not withhold My blessings that I will pour out onto you. I will not keep anything back, and you will KNOW that I AM GOD in the midst of you, that gives you MORE than enough, so that you can become a blessing and conduit of My Holy Spirit, and empowered to bring change into the lives of others as YOU become a vessel of honor that I will use mightily for My glory, as You make ME your only GOD and ardent pursuit, says the LORD.

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