Nothing can destroy My Word, My Work, My plans, My purposes, or alter My will, says the LORD. I will never compromise My Word, but I will perform it perfectly, constantly, eternally. You can depend upon what cannot be changed in changing times and seasons. I will never be severed from My body of believers. They are My workmanship, and I will not abandon the work of My hands, says the LORD.

You can depend upon Me, says the LORD. I Am as predictable as the sunrise every morning. The mana that I provided for My people in the wilderness was always there each morning. My compassion and faithfulness to you is renewed morning by morning. I will always be with you as your keeper, your helper, your provider, your protector, and your Savior and LORD, because you have placed your faith in My infallible, unchanging Word, My unimpeachable love, My constant presence, and My finished Work on the cross for you, says the LORD.

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