I Am Calling You to Righteousness and Holiness

The righteous will be marked, says the LORD. They will be distinctly different, for they will never bow to the will of the people, but they will bow their knees to Me in surrender to My will. They are the ones who will shine forth in My kingdom that is without end. They will be my ready warriors, my giant slayers, my undefeated champions that will never cower, never turn back, and never compromise, says the LORD.

I Am calling you to righteousness, says the LORD. I Am calling you to holiness. I Am calling you to unfeigned faith, unfeigned love, and unfeigned obedience to Me. I want you to be separate and holiness unto Me. As you come to Me in complete surrender, I will pour My SPIRIT and fire into you, fill you to capacity and overflowing, and you will not only be a vessel of honor that I will use for My glory, but you will be a well-spring of My Holy Spirit, a conduit of my power, and My glory will be in the midst of you. I will anoint you. I will use you mightily. You will see the miracles, signs and wonders, in the midst of you, as you will be empowered to bring in a harvest of souls for MY kingdom that is without end, as you abandon yourself, forfeit your own interests, and Make My kingdom and My righteousness your priority, and refuse to be less than I have called you to be, says the LORD.

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