I Am in command and in control at all times, says the LORD. There is none other than Me. None can out power Me. None is wiser. There is no greater authority. I Am the Sovereign. I cannot be defeated. My voice can never be silenced, and no decree from the evil one can nullify Mine. Make Me your only fear, and KNOW that I Am dictating, ordering, and bringing order to those things that seem to be spinning out of control, says the LORD.

A multitude of enemies cannot defeat you, because I Am with you, the undefeatable One, says the LORD. YOU ONLY NEED ONE FRIEND, One Savior, One LORD. You only need Me, and certain victory is already assured. How can you lose, when I cannot! How can you be overrun, when they have to get through Me to reach you? I Am your shield, your exceeding, great reward, and you can rest in My presence, knowing all is well, because I Am in complete charge of your life, and all is under My command, says the LORD.

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