I Am REAL, and My Words Are Infallible

I Am not the figment of someone’s imagination, or a fantasy, says the LORD. I was not formed and formulated by the creations of anyone. I Am not a false illusion. I Am not just a fairy tale with a happy ever after ending. I Am real! My WORD is infallible. I cannot be altered by the whims and wishes of others, and naysayers cannot dictate, says the LORD.

False prophets that speak a vision of their own heart will always be among you, says the LORD. Don’t let this surprise you, for they have always existed, as I have warned you. They are not able to alter My WORDS that will NOT fall to the ground. Their decrees are powerless, and I will not perform them. I Am not obligated to fulfill the will of man, but will fulfill the counsel of MY OWN WILL on earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

I have sent My prophets, and they will hear ME, and speak what I have already declared and decreed, says the LORD. They will not speak flattering words or bow, bend and kneel to the systems of the world, for they are a part of My kingdom that will never end. I will embolden them and give them the fire of MY infallible Word that will not be quenched or quieted. They will know My voice and follow ME as I Am leading, says the LORD.

My Words will be fulfilled, and you can depend upon ME, says the Lord. Trust that I Am REAL, that I Am present, that I cannot fail, and that you will KNOW MY WILL, and as My flock, you can safely follow Me as your GOOD SHEPHERD that will always lead and guide you into all truth that will liberate you, heal you, and deliver you from every evil work of the enemy. I Am trustworthy, and will fulfill every Word that I have proclaimed for your life, and there is no power that can deny what I have ordained for you, as you trust in Me,  says the LORD.

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