I Am Speaking

My thoughts and My ways are within your reach, for I never cease to express them and make them known onto you,  says the Lord, .  I Am speaking.  I  Am the voice that is leading you continually.  You belong to Me, and I will never leave you in the dark.  I have no darkness in Me or MY kingdom that is light.  I Am light and made you light.  Therefore there is no darkness in you either.  Didn’t I tell you to walk in the LIGHT?  It is always illuminating the path that I have prescribed for your life so that you will not stumble or fall.  You know the way, for I have made it clear for you, right in front of you.  It is plain, not obscure.  It is straight forward and not crooked.  Just take the steps that I have ordained for you and do not worry about what is way ahead and out of sight.  I will be there when you get there, and you will arrive safely, says the LORD.

Do not fret about what you do not see or know or hear or understand about what lies ahead, for I have called you to walk by faith and not by sight, says the LORD. Just as I brought you to the very place that you occupy now, I will secure your future.  It is all in My control.  Will you trust Me with the things that you do not see now?  I have it all prepared ahead of you, and provision every season of your life.  Let My peace be the rule of your life as you entrust your entire self to Me and know that all is well because I do all things well, and I have you in the palm of My hands. Your life is hid in Me, and there is no good thing that I will withhold from you as you trust in Me at all times and allow Me to lead you continually, says the LORD.

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