You Can Completely Trust Me

I AM the One who is keeping you night and day, says the Lord. Even when you sleep, I have a watchful eye over you. You are safe and secure in ME at all times. I do not change. Your care today and tomorrow is not more difficult for Me than that of the past. I have led you continually. I have fed you. I have always cared for you and you are never out of My sight. There is nothing that is insignificant about you, and I know every thought that you think. I have numbered every hair of your head and know exactly what color they are and where they are located. Nothing is too difficult for Me and you are no exception. I can handle not only all the things that pertain to you, but you as well, says the LORD.

Trust in My goodness and mercy for you, says the Lord. Trust that I care for you. Trust in My love. Trust that I desire good things for you and AM not angry with you. I love you unimpeachably and I have forgiven every sin that you have committed as you confessed them to ME. All has been cleansed by My blood, and all that you will ever need has been accomplished by My finished work on the cross for you. I did not leave anything undone, and knew all that you would require before you were even conceived. I prepared for you. Only believe and receive what I have for you without cost to you. I have paid for it. Just accept My gifts to you. I will lead and guide you with MY eye, and complete you. You will not be incomplete, for I Am your builder and Maker, and I do all things well, and this includes everything about you, says the LORD.

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