Every gift that I have given to you is perfect, good, complete and irrevocable. I will not take them back. They belong to you, says the LORD. I have NOTHING bad to give you. I continually pour out My blessings upon you that have no attached sorrow, and I daily load you with benefits. Benefits are benefits, not something that harms you or causes you problems. I do not give you sorrow and pain, but have given you abundant peace and joy. My love for you always LOOKS and FEELS and ACTS like love, and if I cause you pain, that is NOT LOVE, says the LORD.

The enemy wants you to think that I cause grief and suffering and sorrow, so that you do not attribute those things to him. If you believe that I Am the One who weakens and sickens you, then you would not be able to entrust your care to Me. I Am your healer and the strength of your life. You are greatly beloved of Me, and I Am your friend, not your enemy. You can trust in My goodness and mercy that I will give to you all your earthly sojourn, and you can trust in My lovingkindness and meticulous care for you, says the LORD.

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