I Will Turn Your Sorrow Into Joy

I get no pleasure from your pain, says the LORD. I Am the One Who carried your sickness and pain away, as I bore them all on the cross. Bore your sorrows. I get great pleasure in pouring out My blessings upon you, healing and delivering you, providing for you, and giving you miracles, signs and wonders in the midst of you. I love to love you, and I love to have fellowship and friendship with you. I do not want you absent from Me, but want you to ever walk with Me in intimacy, says the LORD.

I give you GOOD things, and lavish you with GOOD gifts, says the LORD. I Am your comforter, and there is great pleasure in My presence. My table is full of blessings and benefits that I have for you daily. You will not eat left overs, for there is always a fresh supply. I WANT your joy to be full, and I will turn your sorrow into joy, your mourning into gladness, and restore you in My presence, as you believe and receive all the blessings that I have ordained for you because of My infallible, constant love and care for you, says the LORD.

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