Place of Safety

I Am your only place of safety, says the LORD.  There is none other.  I Am your only security.  Do not look for security in any other place, for you will not find it.  I Am the One who will shield you at all times as you place your faith and trust in Me.   I will never fail you.  All other options will. The choice is shifting, sinking sand that offers no foundation in the time of storm, or placing yourself upon a sure foundation, which is Me.  In every time and season, I Am the same.  I never change, regardless of what is going on around you.  I Am not subject to the times and seasons or the environment.  All is subject to ME.  I Am in control all of the time, even when things seem to have spun out of control. I Am aware. I Am almighty. I Am your hope at all times as you trust in Me, says the LORD.

Do not lose your hope, as you look at the economy and the mounting problems all around you, says the LORD.  What you see and here and know in the natural is not your GOD.. I Am.  I Am not alarmed at what you see and hear.  I Am the Lord of everything, and nothing is beyond My ability and My control.  I will be with you at all times to provision and take care of you and be that place of safety for you as you entrust your whole life and the lives of those you love onto ME.  Let Me care for you.  Choose My care rather than seeking a solution for yourself.  Trust that I Am able to care for you regardless of the conditions that are all around you.  I Am the your all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise, ever-present GOD.  Will you trust ME at all times?  I will keep you safe and secure as you entrust your life to Me and I will give you peace, says the LORD.

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