Righteous Trees Produce Righteous Fruit

Your labors are never in vain in Me, says the LORD. You will reap what you sow. The good works that you have accomplished for Me and My kingdom will all be recorded and rewarded. I have every detail, and never miss a thing. You will not have a failed harvest and the good seeds that I have given you to plant will reap a good harvest of GOOD things. Good seeds of righteousness will produce righteousness and cannot do less, says the LORD.

I have planted you into My kingdom of righteousness as a TREE of RIGHTEOUSNESS, that will only produce good fruit for My kingdom that is without end, says the Lord. You cannot be plucked up or removed from My kingdom. The enemy can rant and rave and threaten and sneer all he wants to, but that will not change one thing! Your harvest of GOOD THNGS is coming, for not only have I planted you in My kingdom, but I have planted My kingdom purpose into you. My good seed will produce a harvest of good things in you, and your life will prove to be a finished and perfect work of My grace, as I finish what I have begun in you, and you complete your destiny in Me, and bear the good fruit that I have ordained for you to do from the beginning, says the LORD.

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