Diligently Seek Me

I will respond to the desperation of your heart, says the LORD.  For I will be found of you and act on your behalf as you seek for Me diligently with all of your heart.  Abandon yourself to Me in My presence. Come empty and desperate. I will hear the cry of your heart and move in your life. As you seek Me, I will empower you as never before.  I will fill those who come before Me as empty vessels.  For if you come full, you will have no capacity for what I have reserved for you in My presence.  Long for Me, and I will fulfill the longing of your heart. I will be in the midst of you to do great and mighty things as you see My face.  Do not look back at the good old days of the former rain.  Do not seek to go back, but push forward in Me.  For ahead is an outpouring of My spirit. Ahead is great favor and grace upon you.  Ahead is the fullness of MY glory, says the Lord.

Ahead of you is the ladder rain that I will pour out as never before, says the LORD.  Are you desperate for ME?  Are you desperate for My power to be in you and flowing out of YOU?  Make Me your pursuit alone and watch what I will do for you!  I will satisfy the longing of your heart. I will satisfy the hungry with good things.  I will give the thirsty My living water that will never cease. I will provide for you in all things as you seek ME, the giver of life.  I will release to you the hidden treasures of My Spirit and My life and My kingdom as you pursue Me.  Everything that you desire awaits you in My glory.  For the abundant supply is on the table that awaits you in My presence as you seek Me with all of your heart and strength, says the LORD.

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