Sing a New Song Unto the Lord

Sing! Sing! Sing! Sing a new song of praise and thanksgiving onto Me, says the LORD. Let the melody of your heart ascend unto My thrown. Let it become you. Let a new sound come out of you. Rise up in the mourning with the sound of music. Delight yourself in ME! Sing at the noontime. Sing in the evening sacrifice. Sing at the midnight hour. Let your voices be heard that are not a dirge, but a praise. WORSHIP ME with the sound of high praises in music and rejoice in My goodness and mercy that endures forever for you, says the LORD.

Enough mourning! Enough sorrow. Enough is enough, and it is time to rejoice in ME, says the LORD. My people are inhabited by ME, and your praises. Do not succumb to depression! Do not wallow in fear and doubt and unbelief. RISE up. SHINE. SING, sing, sing, for I will hear your praise. I will work on YOUR BEHALF. I will bless you. I will acknowledge you and your worship of ME. I will honor you, and you will also rise up above all the circumstances that will only be fleeting, to the things that are eternal, glorious, and miraculous. Let your sound be changed from sighing and mourning to JOY and gladness as you sing unto Me a NEW SONG, and you will see the change in your environs as your sorrow is turned into joy. For your miracle is in your heart and mouth, as you acknowledge me in all your ways, as the supreme, the superior, the LORD YOUR GOD, and your faith will be fortified as you WORSHIP Me in songs and sounds of joy in Me, says the LORD.

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