Take heart, says the LORD. Be encouraged! Encourage yourself in Me and My infallible, unchanging WORD. Let My still, small voice on the inside become louder than the external negative voices that are vying for your attention. Be an encourager of others. Strengthen the weak as you become a pillar of strength in Me. You are not a weakling or a coward. To be outstanding for Me, you must stand out, come out from among them, and remain separate, says the LORD.

Though the majority will propagate an evil report, I want you to speak and publish a good REPORT, says the LORD. Do not cave into the emotions of others who only see the enemy giants as they view themselves as grasshoppers in their sight. Turn it around and see yourself as a giant in ME that tramples the enemy under foot! Do not accompany those who promote fear, doubt and unbelief because all they see is the giants, walled cities and iron chariots. Associate with those who believe that I Am GOD, that My Word is infallible, and I will give you the ultimate victory as you refuse to believe the evil reports. You will possess the Promised Land when you confront the fears, refuse to be discouraged, and follow ME. I will give you good success as you become courageous, and press forward, with determination, unrelenting faith, and unbeatable obedience to My Word that will accomplish My will that will always bring ultimate victory, says the LORD.

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