The harvest is coming

The Harvest Will Be Great

The harvest is comingThe harvest will be great, says the LORD. Your labors for Me will not reap a failed harvest, but a bountiful one for My kingdom. You will reap what you have sown, and as you continue to sow, your harvest will be continual. You will be sowing and reaping at the same time. I have prepared you for the times and seasons that are at hand, and you are also being prepared for that which lies ahead. Do not despair the process, for you are making progress. You will not be overlooked or sidestepped, for what I have called and chosen you to do will be fulfilled, as I fully prepare and equip you for every good work that I have called you to do, says the LORD.

I cannot send you without equipping you, says the LORD. I will not bring you into seasons that are changing without first giving you everything that you need to not only endure them, but to thrive in them. What is coming does not take Me by surprise, and you will not be overrun by the enemy, overtaken by him, or destroyed. You are the declared winner, the overcomer, and the blessed of Me. Trust that your life is in My hands that have formed you for My purpose and glory. You are valuable, and you will have a harvest of GOOD things as you have planted the good seed that I have given you, and the outcome can be nothing less than good, says the LORD.

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