There is No Such Thing as Luck

It is not about luck, says the LORD. There is no such thing. Things do not just happen to you or anyone because of being in the right or wrong place at any specific time. I precisely align and assign, and all times are in My hands. I order your steps, and purposes are fulfilled at My command. I put all the dots together and make the connections. All things are done according to the counsel of My Own will to fulfill My greater purposes that you are not even aware of, says the LORD.

Negative things are only a small part of the big plan that I have, says the LORD. Trust that there is a reason for every event that takes place, for even the dark spots will bring out the highlights of the masterpiece that I Am creating. Everything will come together precisely and perfectly, and you will see this as you wait on Me, trust in Me, and believe that I do everything purposely, powerfully, completely, well. All things will work together for good, as you will not be disappointed in My ultimate higher plans that will be unveiled in perfect timing, as I give you a sudden surprisingly, completely unexpected result, says the LORD.

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