Turn away from your pain and your sorrow and your problems and fix your eyes upon Me, says the LORD. Turn away from the past failures and losses and disappointments and look ahead. Entrust Me with what lies ahead. I will heal the wounds of your past. I will give you joy for your sorrow. I have strategies and solutions that I will give you. Put your focus on Me. I Am your all in all. I will give you good success, for my blessings do not contain sorrow. I Am not about set-backs. I Am not about failure, for I cannot and will not fail you. I will cause you to stand and not fall. I will cause you to rejoice and enjoy the fruit of your labors rather than experience a failed harvest. I Am the LORD of the harvest and I will give you the increase rather than the decrease. I will multiply your joy in the morning as the night is far spent and a new day has begun, says the LORD.

LOOK ahead, for the past is not your destiny, says the Lord. I have created the new, and I am not refurbishing the Old. When you received Me, I did not make you over. I recreated you.  I will not make over the past, either. The new is in front of you, and the greater is ahead. Rejoice as you look beyond the place you now stand and get a glimpse of the glory to come.  Your present circumstances  are light afflictions that cannot compare to the glory to come, and what I have prepared for you in advance. Move forward, for the days of regrets are over, and a new day has begun. The adventures you will take with Me are not reliant upon what was. Trust in ME, Who IS! I Am, and all that I Am in you will be more than sufficient to bring you into the new season that is ahead, says the LORD.

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