You Are My Workmanship

Good is My Word: good is My Will; good are My thoughts; good are My plans; good are My purposes, Good are My Works, says the LORD. They are all in agreement, and there is nothing amiss. I think well of you, says the LORD. I have a plan for your life that is from the beginning to the end of your earthly sojourn. You were in My thoughts before you were conceived in the womb of your mother, and all that I do concerning you is GOOD continually, says the Lord.

You are MY WORKMANSHIP, and I do all things well, says the LORD. Nothing that I do can be undone. I have given you gifts that are unimpeachable and have ordered GOOD steps for you to take. LIGHT is always good, and can never lead you into darkness and defeat, but will DEFEAT the DEFEAT, and dispel the darkness! My investment of MYSELF in you will produce good things, for My goodness and mercy is enduring for you, and I see you as a finished work by design and by My SPIRIT, for I have no incompletes, no unfinished business, and what I have begun in you is a good work that will be complete and perfect, says the LORD.

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