You Are Never Alone

I will never abandon you, says the LORD.  You are never alone.  Do not allow your emotions to dictate, for I have already promised that I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. It is a lie of the enemy when he tries to persuade you that there was some act of disobedience that you committed that caused me to turn My back on you or alienate you from My presence. I Am always calling you to come closer to ME.  I do not shun you, but woo you.  I draw you closer to ME, because of My unconditional love for you.  Even as I cannot change, I have NOT changed My heart of love toward you.  I have NOT taken MY grace away from you.  Do not listen to the voice of the dark one who tells you that you can be separated from ME and MY love for you.  My mercy endures forever toward you, and My love is unimpeachable, says the LORD.

I will finish what I have begun in you, and it is a perfect work, says the LORD.  Nothing that I do is imperfect.  I bought you with a price.  My shed blood for you and the finished work of the cross requires only your acceptance of MY free gift of life. I have forgiven you because you have asked Me to.  I have accepted you because you have received ME.  What you could not do for yourself, I have accomplished FOR you.  That was only the beginning.  I promised life that is abundant and that is what I will give you.  I promised cleansing from all unrighteousness, and I have accomplished that!  You are clean because I have cleansed you.  You belong to ME!  I Am with you always and as you trust in My love and presence in your life, you will find complete peace and rest at all times regardless of what is going on around you.  I Am your constant companion Who is able to help you at all times as you trust in Me and allow Me to do it, says the LORD.

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