You Are Precious to Me

You are precious to Me, says the LORD. I have invested everything into you, because of My great love for you. Do not overlook My sacrifice for you and devaluate your worth! I laid down My life for you, and redeemed you by broken body My shed blood for you, and you are always MY PRIORITY! You will never be forgotten, and you are NEVER ALONE! I will always be on your side. I will always pour out My blessings upon you, for I have already started a good work in you, and you will not be incomplete, says the LORD.

I do not have any misfits or mistakes, says the LORD. You are part of My body, an important member of My family, and I have planted you as a righteous tree in My kingdom that is without end. You will bear fruits that remain that are RIGHTEOUS, because I have made you in My own image, filled you with My SPIRIT, given you good standing in ME, and dwell with you as you have made Me the Lord of your life. You are FIXED and secure in Me, and your purposes will be fulfilled on earth as it is declared in heaven, because I AM the author and finisher of YOU and every good work that will be accomplished in your life, as you partner with ME, says the LORD.

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