Your Battles Will Be Won

Your battles are not against people, places and things, but against principalities and powers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places, says the LORD. I have told you this. I have told you not to battle in the realm of the flesh with the weapons of the mind and body and earthly sources. I have given you spiritual weapons that will defeat the dark one. He is not able to conquer you when you suit up in Me and use what I have equipped you with. I Am the greater ONE within and My glory is without. Look beyond what you see and feel and hear, and know that the real conflict is from the enemy. Do not battle in the natural, but war in the SPIRIT and overcome and overwhelm the things that appear in the natural, says the LORD.

I will cause you to see clearly so that the hidden things of darkness will be revealed to you so that you will know what the enemy is planning, says the LORD. I will enable you to foil his plans and purposes in ME. I will expose his strategy and give you My superior plan of action. I will show you his hiding places and there will be no surprise attacks on you. I will speak to you and warn you so that every assignment of the enemy against you and those you love will be exposed and nullified. I laugh at the enemy and I will cause you to laugh at him, too. He is not bigger than you, for I Am with you and in you and surround you and cannot be defeated. You will not be vulnerable and I have removed the sign of “open season” against you, and you will be on the offensive rather than the defensive, says the LORD.

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