Depths of My Spirit

I Am calling you into the depths of My Spirit, says the Lord. Too many are walking on the beach, viewing the waters, breathing in the sea breezes and picking up empty shells of what was once alive and vibrant. This is not what I want you to do. Many others get their feet wet, but never go further. Some venture farther. As Ezekiel of old knew the different levels of the waters of Life that came forth from My altar out of My temple, He saw the depth of My Spirit. Come out into the deep where there are waters to swim in. You will not have the security of feeling your feet on the sand beneath, and you will not have the company of many who came to splash around in the shallow waters and play. You will not hear the sound of their voices as they make a lot of noise, but do not hear My voice of many waters! But you are to come deeper. You are to lose yourself and find yourself, submerged in Me and My Spirit, says the Lord.
Come deeper so that you can experience what is higher. For My high calling does not come without a cost. Lose what is safe and secure for you and know that I Am that place of safety for you. Know that as you launch out into the deep, there will be few that desire this. There are few that will give up their own security and relinquish what is safe and comfortable to reach forward to what only I can do and what I can give and what I can secure. For the faith that I have given you will not come without a test, will not come without a challenge and will not produce without a response from you. Come deeper and launch out into the unknown to you. It is known to Me and I Am calling you to come out into the depths where there is life. The empty shells that are collected are not alive and only ornamental. They depict what was. I want you to come into the depths of what is alive, moving and free. I will keep you from sinking as you learn to respond to My call and relinquish the comforts of the shoreline and swim, says the Lord.

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