Don’t Look Around You for Answers

Don’t look around you for answers that are already within you, says the Lord. For that is where I reign in you. Within. Go deeper. Deeper. Silence your voice of questions and concerns and quiet yourself I’m My presence. Let a hush come over you now. For you need not howl to get My attention. Be silent! Be calm. Chaos is not the order of the day for you. Trust is. I have nothing to fear, and there is no power that is greater than Me. As I Am with you always, you need not fear anything! I Am the unsurpassed power within you and nothing can get past Me to destroy you, says the Lord.

It is a new day with a new vision that I have given you to ponder and meditate upon, says the Lord. Yes, think new. Believe for the new. For it is not just a Word and a promise, but a fulfillment of what I have already spoken. It is not something that I Am promising you again, for I need not do so. I meant it the first time I spoke it and it has not changed. I do not change! I need not repeat anything again and again. Just receive what I have already decreed over you. For it is My will and work and way and you will see a release 0f it as I fulfill the jot and tittle of it as I watch over My Word in your life to perform it, perfect it and compete it as well as you, says the Lord.

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