Enter into My Rest

Enter into My rest that I have prepared for you and those who believe and receive it now, says the Lord. Rush in. Then rest! Cease from your own labors! Stop and listen to My voice and silence your own and the roaring voice of the enemy. Quiet your fears! I did not give them to you, but I will remove them if you will just be quiet. Hush. Put your hand over your mouth and come into My presence quickly and quietly so that you can hear what I Am Speaking! Place your focus and complete attention on Me and stop looking all around you at the things that are distracting you, says the Lord.

Do you want to keep doing things in your own strength and ability or do you want Me to do it? For I have a better plan, greater power and nothing wears me out. I never need to sleep. I never need to undo anything to redo it. I get it right the first time. What is difficult for you is simple and easy for Me, and I never complicate things for you. I will give you rest as you enter into My presence and receive the peace that I have for you and surround yourself with the cloud of My glory as you step out of the things that are stressing you, empty yourself of your fears and retreat into the comfort of My presence, where you will find real rest for your soul, says the Lord.

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