I Am a God of Detail

I Am a God of detail, says the Lord. I do things right! There is nothing that I do that is imperfect. I work in the seen and the unseen. I do what is known and unknown. I fit everything precisely in order and there are no missing links or elements. Everything is in decency and order that I do. I make no mistakes. . I do not have to make anything over, for I get it right the first time. Everything that I do is valuable and good. Everything that I do is on schedule, for there are no delays or set-backs for Me. Nothing will cause Me to withdraw My plan, and there are no detours. It is a straight path, a perfect time, and a complete and precise work that I Am doing with you and for you and through you. For you are My workmanship, and I cannot fail to perfect that which concerns you, says the Lord.

Can I lie? Can I be overcome? Can My will be contested? I Am God Almighty, and What I say, goes, says the Lord. There is no second guessing when it pertains to Me. I Am good for My Word! It is infallible. I cannot fail. Let your heart be fixed in faith and trust in what is unchanging, what is secure, what is sure, what is trustworthy, what is everlasting, and what is not able to be altered. That is Me and My Word, and My Work, and My will. For I Am an absolute that cannot be blown away by any storm, overtaken by any power, or out-witted. I own the earth. I control it. I Am your God, and you are My people. Be assured that if I promised it, I will do it. When I do it, it will be a perfect work without flaws, snags, or blemishes. I have called My spotless church, My sanctified ones, and My chosen Ones, and they are clean. They are pure. They are holiness onto Me. They will be empowered to do the Work, and they will bring in the sure, bountiful harvest into My kingdom, for My glory. For My will shall be done, My Work shall go forward, and it shall be complete in righteousness, and accomplished by My Spirit through My glorious church, My called out ones, says the Lord.

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