Empowered You to Overcome

I have empowered you to overcome, and not to be overwhelmed by the enemy, says the Lord.  Just put on My armor and strap on My sword of the Spirit.  I have made you a ready warrior that is equipped to engage the enemy by night and day. Your weapons are not of the flesh, but of the Spirit, and they cannot be overpowered by the enemy, ever.  I  Am your Mighty fortress, and you are safe in Me.  No sneak attack or enemy plan of invasion will succeed against you, and I Am your rear guard, says the Lord.

Be very bold and courageous says the Lord.  The giants in the land and the iron chariots have never frightened Me, and they should not frighten you.   There is never a stronghold of the enemy that is bigger than your ability to pull down, and you will be the undefeated champion every time in Me. Yes, I have empowered you to overcome every battle and defeat every foe.  So get ready for the victory celebration, for you will defeat the works of the devil and have great cause to rejoice in Me again and again, says the Lord.

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