Your Troubles Are Not Troublesome to Me

Your troubles are not troublesome to Me, and your challenges are not a challenge to Me, says the Lord. Your limitations cannot limit Me. Look beyond your circumstances that are endeavoring to dictate to you, confine you, and keep you from going forward. For they are not bigger than I Am. I Am that friend that sticks closer than a brother, and I Am able to do all things. You are not alone and confined by what you can do in your ability by your own strength. For I do all things well, and I will do them with you. I will help you. For though you see walls and barriers, pitfalls and impossibilities, they do not exist for Me. I will see to it that you overcome everything that is impeding your progress as you trust in Me instead of what you see, feel and hear, says the Lord.

I will give you a new perspective, says the Lord. Rather than fearing failure, plan for success! For that is what I will grant to you as you entrust all your care onto Me. Thrust every burden onto Me now, for it is light to Me.  You have been weighed down long enough with many cares. Do not go in your own strength. I Am your strength, and you will be strong in Me. I Am a can do and will do God, and I will empower you so that you can do all things that you desire to do through Me and with Me. For I will give you My Spirit of Wisdom and counsel and strengthen and enable you. You can. There is nothing that can hold you back as you hold onto My hand and walk with Me in complete trust, that I will not only keep you from falling, but I will give you the help that you need to succeed and do all things well, even as I do, says the Lord.

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