Signs, Wonders and Miracles

Trust in Me at all times, for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, and of power and a sound mind, says the LORD. I Am with you always to provision you and help you. Your help comes from Me in every area and aspect of your life. I love you unconditionally and unimpeachably, and radically, and nothing can separate you from Me and My love. I Am your peace. I Am your source. Come to Me in simple, child-like faith and receive your answer to your prayers.  Do not waver in your faith, but be bold and strong. Believe and receive the benefits that I daily load you with. I will never abandon you, will always be with you to help and strengthen you and to keep you in perfect peace at all times as you entrust Me with your life and take Me at My Word, says the Lord.

Think on bountiful blessings! Expect an abundant supply! Visualize a harvest, says the Lord. Rehearse My goodness and mercy for you that is a constant, and not a variable. I Am completely consistent and dependable. You can trust that what I say, I will do! The days of miracles, signs and wonders have not ceased. I have not ceased to display My power in the earth and in your lives and ministries! The only thing that will change is your experience as you begin to align your thoughts with My higher thoughts and go in the direction of My higher ways. For you do not need to be stuck in the old when the new is before you, and the things that I have prepared for you exceed your past and present experience as I pour out My Spirit into you and cause the river of My glory to flow in the midst of you, says the Lord.

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