Unspeakable Treasures Await You

Unspeakable treasures await you in My presence, says the Lord.  I have many good and perfect gifts for you.  I hide many things for you in My presence for your discovery and I love to see your expression of surprise when you find them.  I love to WOW you.  Just when you think that you have exhausted everything that I have for you, I open up another door.  Since My goodness and mercy endures forever, the things that I have prepared for you are forever being unveiled.  Endless and uncontainable are My gifts to you.  I gave a daily supply of manna for the children of Israel in the wilderness, and there was a bounty that could not be gathered.  When the sun came up each day, it melted the manna that remained.  There was more than enough each new day.  The provision was fresh and new every morning.  Just as they could not gather all the manna that I prepared for them, you will not be able to gather and contain all the things that I have prepared for you either.  Don’t worry if the unused portion dries up; there will be a fresh supply every day, says the Lord.

Didn’t I say that if you believe that you would see My glory? Believe and receive, says the LORD.  Seek and you will find!  I am not holding you back, keeping you down or restricting you from coming into My presence and receiving multiple gifts.  I Am not a respecter of persons.  Make Me your delight, and you will be delighted when you receive unspeakable gifts from Me, and I grant you the desires of your heart. Just as the Children of Israel had to go outside of the shelter of their tents and gather the angel’s food for themselves and their families, I Am calling you out of your comfort zone and into My presence where your needs will be readily met.  I Am calling you out of your preconceived ideas and those imposed upon you by others. I Am calling you to abandon yourself to My ways and come into My presence where I will give you new gifts and do new things. For I will make all things New!  The discovery of the new is before you and the provision of yesterday is behind you.  I have a fresh supply of My glory and unspeakable gifts that await you in My presence and are new every day.  Come into My presence and  explore for yourself and you will find unspeakable treasures that await you evermore, says the Lord.

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