I Will Restore Comforts

I will restore comforts unto you, says the Lord. Do not look back at the former things or allow your present difficulties to veer you off the path that I have enlightened for you. For the former things are passed away. What is ahead is new. The past will not interfere with what I create and where lead you. New is new, and I will not only do a new thing and create a brand new thing, but I will make you new. Look to Me in anticipation of the good that lies ahead. I will turn your sorrow into joy. I will not only give you beauty in exchange for the ashes of your life, but I will make you beautiful. I will cause your heart to sing, as you are filled with comfort and joy. Relinquish the pain of the past. Forsake the fear of the future. Know that there is a newness that will spring forth in a fresh and living way. Your heart will rejoice and be glad in Me, says the Lord.

Rejoice in Me now, says the Lord. For the joy that I give you in Me is your strength. Without My joy, you will be weakened. Lift up your head and be glad in Me, for I Am the Almighty God that is a can do God. Nothing is off the table. I will not leave you to own devices and you will not be the answer to your situations. Others will not be a remedy either. As you cast every care on Me, you will know that not only will I take care of you, but I will go further than that. I will give you more than enough. I will exceed your expectations as you lean on Me rather than what you see and hear and know and understand. For I do the miraculous, and nothing can stop Me. Nothing can dictate to Me and I Am not under the thumb of any. I want you under My shadow, not under a false authority. Shake free of the illegitimate and embrace Me and receive of Me. I will dictate the good and bring you into the new and unexplored that will be liberating, exhilarating and fulfilling. Look ahead with excitement and anticipation for the good things that are coming, says the Lord.

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