You Are Never Alone

I Am with you always, says the Lord.  There is never a time when you are alone. I will never leave you nor forsake you.  There are times when you have felt all alone, but you were not.  I Am not a silent observer, but active always in your life.  I Am with you wherever you go and wherever you are.  I Am with you in the very difficulties that you are going through.  You are not going through them without Me.  I will see you through and insure that you arrive safely on the other side.  I Am with you in all of your uncertainties.  You may not understand or have a clue, but I do, says the LORD.

I have led you all the way to where you are now, and I will lead you continually, says the LORD.  I know the way through the wilderness of your life and I will guide you continually, one step at a time.  I will lead you out and keep you safe through the long, uncertain journey that you are taking.  I know that you have not been this way before. That is why I Am preparing the way ahead of you, removing the stumbling blocks, lighting the path and leading you softly on. Trust in Me at all times, for you will have everything that you need in Me to secure and provision you.  I Am equipping you and helping you all the way, says the Lord.

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