Your Future Is Secure in Me

Your future is secure in Me, says the Lord.  Today is the future that many were fretting about in the past and predicted that the sky was falling.  Many predicted that this day the bottom would fall out.  You are standing in My presence and provision on ground that is solid and secure.  Like a solid rock, I have placed you upon an unshakable, immovable foundation in Me.  Isn’t that good enough, I ask?  Don’t put your trust in another to secure you.  Not only Am I that solid, invincible foundation that cannot be destroyed or conquered, but I have given you the substance to build upon Me that is just as undefeatable.  That substance is faith in Me and My infallible Word.   Use it.  Faith is the tangible materiality of what you hope for, bringing it into existence in your life.  Don’t let the tormenting voice of the enemy bring you into fear and trepidation.  He has never had a good forecast of your future and has never spoken anything good concerning you.  His voice radiates defeat, condemnation, accusations, fear, and generates doubt and unbelief.  Stop listening to the voices that are external.  If they cause your heart to faint, if they cause you to worry and fret, they are not from Me, and I did not authorize or send them.  Listen to My loving, reassuring voice on the inside of you, says the Lord.

Since you didn’t create the earth by the word of your mouth, do you think that you can sustain it?  Since you did not create yourself and those that you love, did you think you can secure them and yourself?  I created you and all that pertains to you for My pleasure and purpose, says the Lord, and I place no pleasure in defeat and destruction.  The thief is all about the negative.  He is the author of death and dying, grief and loss.  I Am not about that.  I Am about life.  I Am about health.  I Am about Love, joy and peace.  Do you see love in destruction?  You can’t, and neither can I.   Look to Me, the author of you, the sustainer of life in you, and your constant provisional God who loves you and those you love with an everlasting love. I Am the One Who has everything under control, and the ground you stand upon is created by Me, and I Am not causing it to shift under you.  I have placed you upon solid ground with sure footing, as I hold you by My right hand and keep you from falling.  Trust that I have a future for you that is good, solid, and full of blessings.  Don’t fret and fear and fuss because of the evil report of the evil one. Listen to Me!  I didn’t create you to destroy you, for I take no pleasure in it.  You belong to Me, and what belongs to Me is within My constant sight and care.  This day and your future is secure in Me.  Do not waste time by worry, doubt and unbelief.  Use it to enjoy every benefit that I have loaded you with and let the future stay in in My hands that has kept you yesterday, is keeping you today, and holds your future securely in Hands, My unfailing hands, says the Lord.

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