Take Hold of My Promises

Take hold of My promises, says the Lord. They have not changed. They are not off the table. They are fixed and unimpeachable! They are real and not a mirage. I accomplish exactly what I say, and I do what I promise. I give exactly what I said I would give you, and that includes the desires of your heart. I Am the Grantor of all good things. They all come from Me! There is nothing evil in the gifts that I give, and there are no hooks in them or hidden agenda. My promises are for life and peace, prosperity and health, says the Lord.

I never need a reason to abort My good purposes in you, says the Lord. I will fulfill each one. I Am God. Did you think that I can change My plan and purpose and promise because of the circumstances that you are experiencing that are vying for your attention, and counter My will for your life? Did you think they are bigger than Me? My Word is infallible. My promises are true. My plans are complete, and they will be accomplished in you. I Am not going to compromise, for I will not water down My promises and My plans for you. They are good all the time, and your life is not exempt from My will and work. I have decreed My purposes for you. I have declared that it is done. No power can keep me from being a promise keeper. Fear, doubt and unbelief are not bigger than Me, and I will give you exactly what I said, for I cannot lie, change My will, extract My promises from you, or give you less than what I said. I will fulfill, and you will know that I Am a doer of My own word concerning you. Simply trust Me, and embrace what I have promised you, and wait on Me to perform all My good pleasure in and through you. It is time for you to fully trust in Me and My Word for you, and My work and will to be done in you as it is in heaven, says the Lord.

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