I Have Heard the Cry of Your Heart

I have heard the cry of your heart, seen and collected your tears and know the anguish your soul, says the Lord. I have heard your prayers and know your desperation. I will answer, on time. I will not delay. I will fight for you, for the battle is always Mine, because you belong to Me. Did you think that you would be left out in the open to be vulnerable to the forces of darkness and assaults of the enemy? You are not to fend for yourself. I Am with you, as the unconquerable and the undefeated, uncontested one. Can you see that in Me you cannot be overcome or overwhelmed? You cannot be overrun and you are always a victor in Me, says the Lord.

I Am always on your side, and the One called alongside to help you, says the Lord. I will not depart from you. I Am always with you! With Me, you can run through a troop and leap over a wall. I will empower you to conquer and overcome. Wag your head at the enemy. Go ahead. Ask him if that is the best that he can do. For you are the uncontested one in Me. You are never a victim, but the victor. Go ahead and laugh at the enemy that is puffed up against you. Poke fun at him before you strike with the sword of My Spirit. He is not able to fulfill his lies and threats and his diabolical weapons are not big enough to conquer Me that is with you and in you. They cannot reach you because I will shield you from every one of them! The power of My weapons that I have given you are unsurpassed and you will not have to strike a second time to defeat the works of the enemy that I have come to destroy as I partner with you to do the same. As I Am in heaven, I have called you to be on earth, to enforce My kingdom as you defeat the enemy and put out darkness with My marvelous light that is within you, says the Lord.

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