Don’t Give up on Me

Don’t give up on Me, for I have not given up on you, says the Lord. Do not turn your back on Me, for I have not turned My back on you. Do not forget about Me, for I cannot and will not forsake you. You are ever before Me, and My thoughts are continually good for you. Your words come up before Me as a constant memorial, and I have heard your prayers. I have not ignored the cry of your heart. Hear Me now, and know My heart. Know My thoughts, for they are higher than yours. I see and know the thought and intent of your heart. I want you to know Mine, says the Lord.

Do not attribute those lower, dark thoughts and words that the enemy speaks to Me, says the Lord. For you are not a child of darkness, but a child of light. I have given you life and not death. I have pronounced peace over you, and prosperity and health come from Me. The enemy comes to destroy. I came to rescue you from his snares and give you freedom. I have light and life for you. Let go of the defeat and the negative devices of the evil one and turn away from his illegitimate lures. For every blessing that I give you has no corresponding sorrow attached. I will not bait you to entrap you! I have set you free so that you can serve Me. I will reward your labor for My kingdom, for you indeed shall reap a bountiful harvest of those things that you have sown. Sow with patience and know that I Am good for My Word, and I will accomplish in you and for you and through you all that I have decreed over you. Keep your eyes on Me and know that I will not only furnish you for every good work that I have called you to do, but I will complete the good work that I have begun in you, as I glorify you by My Spirit in you, and I will be glorified by all the good works that you do for My kingdom that is without end, says the Lord.

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