I Believe My Word

Do you believe what you are speaking? Do you believe the words that are coming out of your own mouth? I believe My word, says the Lord. For as I speak, I do! I do not have idle words. I do not have idle declarations. I do not have idle decrees, and the prayers that I pray for you are not idle or vanity. They are not spoken in vain, and they need not be repeated over and over and over again. For I have a good Memory. I know what I have spoken, and I will not need to continue to declare what I already said. I will remember My words that I have spoken over you, and they will not be dormant or unproductive, but will be performed, says the Lord.

I will confirm My word to you for your sake, to remind you, says the Lord. I will bring you back to the remembrance of it. For you can be a forgetful hearer, and I want you to turn around. Turn away from all the things that challenge you, and vie for your attention, and distract you from what you know to be the truth. For My word is true. My word is not idle, and I need none to fulfill it. I want you to believe what has come from My mouth. Repeat after Me! For the enemy wants you to repeat after him, which is the opposite of what I have told you. He wants you to say what he says, and even do as he does, and be as he is, to bring defeat and destruction. That is not My plan. My plan is to build you, and use you, and furnish you, and perfect you. Speak and decree what I have spoken, and do that. For what you say will determine what you do, and if you repeat after Me, you will see the declarations of heaven unfold for you, and the performance of the good will not be stopped by the evil works and words of the enemy that I have come to destroy, says the Lord.

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