My Peace

Let My peace invade the raging storms that are within you, says the Lord. For I will give you a deep, settled peace as you enter into My presence and receive it. I Am your peace, and I will abide with you and sustain peace as you entrust Me with everything! I said everything! There are no exceptions and no exemptions. Let My peace settle over you in everything that is troubling you. For turmoil is not from Me. Unrest is of the enemy. Pacing the floor, restlessness and frustrations are not My prescription for your life. I desire you to be calm and Know that I Am in control at all times, regardless of the magnitude of the storms within you, says the Lord.

Cast those negative imaginations down, says the Lord. Do not dwell on things that are fearful and cause your heart to tremble. I will not leave you comfortless, and there is nothing that is beyond My ability to perform. I will set things in order for you that are spinning out of your control. I will give rest to you when you are weary, as you stop trying to fix things in your own way. Stop trying to figure things out, and let Me handle everything. As you relinquish the controls of your life to Me and trust Me with your total care, you will enter into My rest, and have sustainable peace and tranquility, says the Lord.

Please send your donations to 40403 Sunburst Drive, Dade City, Florida 33525, or use the donation button on our website, For International donations through pay pal, select “Goods and Services”. You can also donate through Zelle, using our email address, [email protected]. Thank you and May God richly bless you.

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