Nothing Is Hidden From Me

Come to Me as you are, for I already know everything about you, and nothing is hidden from Me, says the Lord. I will not criticize or condemn you, but I will forgive you and heal all of your wounds, even the self inflicted ones. I know you. I created you, and I desire you. Don’t hesitate to come boldly and quickly into My presence and allow Me to bathe you with My love. Let My life invade yours! I will receive you as you come. Do not allow condemnation to come between us, for I Am calling you to come closer to Me. I will elevate you in My presence, not put you down. It is the enemy’s position to belittle you and blame you and cause you to fear rejection from Me. Not so, for My arms are extended toward you to embrace you and lavish My love upon you, says the Lord.

Rush to Me, for I cherish you and love to fellowship with you, says the Lord.  Can you hear My tender call? My voice is not harsh and I Am wooing you. Come into the secret place and let Me fully furnish you for every good work in Me. Nothing is too much for you to ask of Me. I Am able to do exceedingly abundantly above what you desire and ask, so asked largely and expect My answer to be, “Yes” I will supply all your need. I will give you your highest heart’s desire. I will cause your dreams to come true. I will give you the attention and help that you need and want. I Am your doting and loving God who will not extract anything from you and will not deny you any good thing. Ask in faith and believe in My divine favor and sufficiency of My grace, now and always, says the Lord.

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