Only Trust Me

Only trust Me, says the Lord. Trust in Me with all of your heart. Never doubt. I have given you a spirit of faith. I have given you hope in Me. It will never be unproductive. Your prayers of faith will save you. They will save the sick. They will bring to fruition the desire of your heart. You will be able to decree a thing and it will happen. Faith that I have given you in Me will cause you to stand and see things through My eyes rather than looking at the natural. You will see that there is nothing impossible with Me, and you can have anything that you desire as you believe in Me and entrust your life and the lives of those you love to Me. I ask you, is anything too hard for Me? Am I subject to any power? Is there any power that can overcome Me? I Am undefeatable, and the creator of all things. I Am in control. Trust Me. I Am able to heal. I Am able to save. I Am able to do all things, and I will do whatever you need, and grant your heart’s desire as you trust in Me and believe in Me, says the Lord.

Where is your faith? Where is your attention? Will you believe what you can see in the natural, or will you believe in the unseen through the eyes of faith? For I have given you eyes to see beyond what your circumstances dictate, says the Lord. I will never be directed by any person, place or thing, and I will do the commanding. I Am never threatened, and I never turn My back on the enemy. He will flee from Me in terror, and He will flee from you as you trust that I have fully equipped you in Me to stand in faith and trust in Me. You will never fall, as I will support you and keep you steady and strong in Me. I will be your everything as you believe that I Am Who I Am! I Am with you, the almighty God, and I, Who created all things, created you. I Am for you and trust worthy. Trust in Me at all times and wait on Me. I will not disappoint you, have not disappeared from your life, and I will not fail you, says the Lord.

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