Push Forward

I will reverse the reversals in your life, says the Lord. Instead of being pushed back, the things that are behind you will push you forward. For your past will not stifle you, will not destroy you, or keep you back from your destiny. That which is past does not define you, belong to you, or create a cause that will demand an effect. For I Am the cause and the effect in your life. The cause is the finished work of the cross and My shed blood for you. As you have believed in what I have accomplished for you and trusted in My Word, the Work has been completed for you and in you. Your past is forgiven, forgotten and eradicated. It no longer exists, so it cannot defeat you. Do not allow the enemy to bring a railing accusation against you or bring you into condemnation. For what is done is done, and I have done a good work in you that has cleansed you, transformed you into My image, brought you into My Kingdom, and made you a new creation in Me for new things I have for you. Move forward, says the Lord.

Onward and upward is My command, says the Lord. I Am calling you to advancement which is a move up as well as a move out. Move out of the old and receive the new. For it is not a make-over, and I Am not going to resurrect dead works. I Am going to accomplish you, and you will be an accomplished warrior in My kingdom. I Am perfecting that which pertains unto you, Am doing a perfect work in you, and that which comes forth from you will be a perfect work. For even as I looked at the creative works that I performed and declared of each that it was good, you will be the same. For I have called you for good works that will produce a good and bountiful harvest because of the good seed that I have given you to plant. It will flourish and grow, mature and prosper, and great will be the increase that I give you, says the Lord.

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