Your Cares

Hurl your cares onto Me, for I will carry all of them that you allow Me to handle for you, says the Lord. They are not too heavy for Me, and you need not shoulder the weight of them. They bog you down and keep you from moving into the realm that I want you to be in. I desire you to be lighthearted and free. Yes, shift all of them onto Me, not just the ones that you think are too heavy for you. For I want you totally unburdened. Attach yourself to Me, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. You can just coast along as though on the back of a tandem bike. I will do the work and you can enjoy the ride, says the Lord.

I will energize you and fuel you by My Spirit for the work that I have called you to do. It is not about what you can do but what you can do through Me. That is all things! All means All. As I Am unlimited, will you consider yourself to be limited? Not in Me! You too will have no impossibilities as you remain in Me and do what I do effortlessly in complete trust in Me and My power within you. Let Me fill you to capacity and overflowing with My Spirit and equip you to do the greater works that I said you would do. It is only by My Spirit, so you will not have to walk in your own ability or strength or experience. Walk fully in Me and My Spirit, for I Am the Almighty, ageless, all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present God that does all things well. You too can do all things well through Me, and there is no limit or boundaries to what will be made possible as you link up with Me and remain fixed in Me, and allow My Spirit to flow through you and accomplish My work, says the Lord.

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